[Wood drying room]

Wood drying room


Wood drying room features:
1) Convenient installation of wood drying room: convenient installation and demolition, less land occupation, meeting the needs of indoor and outdoor environmental design and planning.
2) Energy saving in air: the wood drying room can absorb the heat in the air, and the power consumption is 1 / 3-1 / 4 of that of the heater; compared with the coal-fired, oil-gas drying equipment, it can save about 75% of the operating costs.
3) Environmental protection and pollution-free: the operation process of the wood drying room will not produce any combustion and emissions, which is a new type of sustainable development environmental protection equipment.
4) Safe and reliable operation: the whole system of the wood drying room does not need the traditional dryer, so it can effectively avoid the dangerous conditions of flammability, explosion, poisoning and short circuit, which is absolutely safe and reliable.
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