[High frequency vacuum dryer]

High frequency vacuum dryer


Application range of high frequency vacuum dryer:

High frequency vacuum dryer can ensure the stability of wood drying process and avoid wood deformation. The best application scope of wood drying equipment is that semi waste wood and special large-sized wood are boring and crafts are boring, so as to realize insecticidal, degreasing and shape setting disposal. The scope of application is wood semi waste and special large wood boring, crafts boring, to achieve insecticidal, degreasing and shape setting disposal.
Different types of microwave drying equipment should be used when dry processing materials with different yields and specifications, so as to ensure that wood with different properties can use appropriate microwave heating speed to achieve the best drying process and the best benefit. Linqu, as well as the selection of drying equipment in Jiangsu Province, such as Linqu, Zhejiang Province and so on.