About Us
About Us
Shandong Linqu Juneng drying equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the research and design of drying (heating) equipment, development, production and sales services, and is the backbone of China's drying (heating) industry. The main supply equipment includes wood dryer, wood drying equipment, veneer dryer, distiller's grains dryer, wood chip dryer, mesh belt dryer, food dryer, air energy dryer, drum dryer, veneer dryer, etc.

The factory has a number of engineering and technical personnel who have been engaged in drying design and research. All the staff have good technical quality. They can design and manufacture all kinds of drying equipment for users. They are deeply trusted by users and exported to the United States, Japan, Brazil, Russia and Southeast Asian countries.

 It is a large-scale drying equipment and chemical machinery manufacturing plant in China. The company's main products: drum dryer, DW belt dryer, shutter dryer, chip dryer, wood drying XSG series flash dryer, DW series belt dryer, CT-C series hot air drying oven, QG, FG series air drier, ZLPG series Chinese medicine extract dryer, LPG series centrifugal spray dryer, ZLG vibrating fluidized bed dryer, fuel oil, gas, coal fired hot stove, SZG, FZG, YZG vacuum dryer, vacuum rake dryer, XF boiling dryer, etc. Product more than 20 series: extrusion granulator, trough mixer, granulator, square screen, high-efficiency powder screening machine, high-efficiency mixer, pulverizer, crusher, multi-directional motion mixer, twin-screw cone-shaped mixer, etc.

Our company implements free installation and debugging guidance in China, and provides technical training for users' operators on site. We will strictly implement the contract terms and do a good job in pre-sale, in-service and after-sales service in a comprehensive manner. We will be in line with the purpose of running the enterprise in a down-to-earth manner and sincerely serving the users, and cooperate with all friends to further improve the level of drying equipment in China.

"Pursuit of excellence and excellence" is the goal of Juneng people. Li Dehua, the general manager of the company, together with all the staff, is willing to keep pace with the times, develop together and create a more brilliant tomorrow with friends from all walks of life.