[Wood furniture drying line]

Wood furniture drying line


Basic principles of wood furniture drying line:
Wood drying process needs to ensure the quality of drying, improve the drying speed, save energy consumption, reduce the cost of drying.
The wood furniture drying line needs to ensure the moisture content and Drying Uniformity of the wood to be dried to meet the processing requirements of different industries and materials, and to maintain the integrity of the wood without defects that are not allowed by the process specifications.
The drying speed of wood furniture drying line refers to the reduction of wood moisture content per unit time. The faster the drying speed is, the less drying equipment and investment are needed, the higher the productivity and the less the drying cost. Air dryer equipment which good, choose Shandong Linqu Juneng drying equipment Co., Ltd., factory direct sales, the quality is worthy of recognition.