Air dryer
Air dryer
Air dryer

Air can dry the advantages of the dryer.
1.Compared with the traditional electric drying, the energy saving efficiency of coal boiler drying is as high as 60%, and that of natural gas boiler drying is 55%.
2.There will be no hidden danger of explosion and flammable open fire.
3.During the whole operation process of air energy dryer, there will be no pollution emission problem, which is more conducive to environmental protection.
4.Compared with other traditional drying equipment, the basic drying processing capacity is 8 / 10 times larger.
5.The dried items remain the original quality, flavor and color.
6.The hot air circulation of the whole curing barn is uniform and there is no dead corner, and the baked goods are uniformly and evenly dried. Wood chip dryer manufacturers, please recognize Shandong Linqu junneng drying equipment Co., Ltd., reasonable price, welcome wholesale and customized.

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