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Parameters of Chili dryer

Description and technical parameters of fruit and vegetable dryer
1. The heat sources are mainly divided into electric heating, steam heat exchange, and combination of steam heat exchange and electric heating. The heat sources can be manufactured according to the actual situation of customers.
2. Conventional configuration, equipment temperature range: normal temperature ~180℃. If customers need higher temperature, our company can design and manufacture non-standard according to customers' actual temperature requirements
3. Control mode: Generally, it is an external button type, Hunan Chili drying box. For pharmaceutical enterprises, our company can make a control system with higher control requirements. For example, the system has its own printing and storage function, temperature overtemperature alarm, measurement and moisture removal according to the humidity inside the box body, etc.
4. The standard electric heating power is theoretical power, and the actual use power accounts for about 60% of the total power. In the constant temperature stage, the electricity consumption is relatively small
5. The baking car and baking tray produced by our company are of standard size, and the baking tray size is 600mm*400mm*25mm, which can be matched or customized separately, and the price is favorable
6. The internal temperature of the equipment is visually observed by digital display. The temperature is controlled by intelligent controller, and the temperature difference range is small.