rattler-drying machinery
rattler-drying machinery
rattler-drying machinery

How to clean drum dryer correctly
Remove the bearing of the drum dryer, check the bearing appearance to ensure that there is no damage and record; confirm the residual amount of lubricant and carry out sampling and cleaning. Attention should be paid to the use of gasoline or kerosene as cleaning agent in the cleaning process.
In the process of cleaning the bearing of drum dryer, metal mesh should be placed in the container first to ensure that the bearing will not directly contact with the contaminant in the container. If there is oil pollution inside the bearing of the dryer, it is easy to damage the rolling surface of the bearing, so special attention should be paid to it.
The rough cleaning of drum dryer needs to use a brush to remove grease and adhesion, and then carry out fine cleaning after general cleaning. The maintenance of the dryer not only increases the service time of the equipment, but also effectively saves the cost and improves the economic benefits.
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