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Explanation of operation process of food dryer

Purchase food dryer, call Shandong Linqu Juneng drying equipment Co., Ltd., quality drying equipment manufacturers, professional technical team, to provide you with professional technical guidance and quality food dryer. Food dryer in the operation process needs to operate and use according to the basic equipment operation skills of the industry, only by following these basic steps can we provide healthy food for all of us. So, what are the basic steps of a food dryer? The following Shandong Linqu Juneng drying equipment Co., Ltd. for everyone to analyze and explain.
1. Raw material selection
The vegetable varieties with rich meat quality should be selected strictly before dehydration, and the parts with diseases and insect pests, rotten and shriveled parts should be removed.
2. Cutting and blanching
According to the product requirements, the washed raw materials are cut into slices, wires, strips and other shapes. When precooking, according to the different raw materials, easy to boil through boiling water, boiling water is not easy to boil for a while, generally blanching time is 2-4 minutes. Leafy vegetables should not be blanched.
3. Cooling and drainage

The pre cooked vegetables should be immediately cooled down to normal temperature. After cooling, in order to shorten the drying time, centrifuge can be used to throw water, or simple manual method can be used to press and leach. After the water is drained, it can be spread out and slightly cool in the sun to prepare for plate baking.

4. Drying
Different temperature, time, color and moisture content should be determined according to different varieties. The main principle of the food dryer is to spread the materials evenly on the mesh belt, and move back and forth in the dryer by the drive device, the hot air flows through the materials, and the steam is discharged from the dehumidification hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
5. Sorting and packaging
Dehydrated vegetables can be divided into plastic bags, sealed and packed, and then put into the market.
Through the above analysis, we have a more specific understanding of the basic operation steps of food dryer. Welcome to call Juneng drying to purchase high-quality food drying equipment. We look forward to your call.