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Performance advantages of distiller's grains dryer

Wine tank dryer, a special food drying equipment, is widely used in food processing enterprises. Shandong Linqu Juneng drying equipment Co., Ltd. is the supplier of brand wine tank dryer, mainly for high-quality wine tank drying equipment and wood dryer, etc. The following Juneng drying small series for everyone to analyze the main performance and related promotion advantages of Juneng wine tank dryer, to specifically understand.
1. The distiller's grains dryer has novel structure and easy operation: the equipment is not only very good in shape and structure, but also simple and convenient in installation, operation and maintenance.
2. The distiller's grains dryer has stable operation and long service life: the unique "zero horizontal thrust" mode makes the cylinder run more stable and reliable. Moreover, the main parts of the equipment are made of high-end materials, with very reliable quality, and the service life is 3-5 times that of the ordinary dryer.

3. Distiller's grains dryer has high efficiency and good drying effect: the equipment is equipped with combined lifting device, which has high thermal efficiency and drying efficiency.

4. High output, green environmental protection: the volume of the barrel of the equipment is designed relatively large, and the content of distiller's grains can be contained, so the output is also very high. In addition, the dust removal device installed in the equipment can completely avoid dust pollution in the process of operation, which is more green and environmental protection.
5. Energy saving and low cost of distiller's grains dryer: in the process of distiller's grains drying, the thermal energy loss is very low, and it is more energy-saving and consumption reducing. It can save nearly 50000 yuan for the processing plant every year, and the production cost is quite low.
Through the above introduction, we have a more specific understanding of the relevant application of wine tank dryer equipment, and we will continue to update you with more on-line dryer equipment and industry information.